Developmental Play Group

Play builds creativity, imagination, and social skills. The Developmental Play Group is geared towards children with autism, ages 2-5, who also participate in our 1:1 instruction sessions. Learners in this group have emerging communication, social, and play skills and benefit from additional support to participate in small group activities and structured play opportunities with similarly aged peers. A variety of weekly themes are used to foster positive peer interaction, increase use of toys for their intended function, improve ability to request and comment during play, and increase ability to participate as a member of a group. Weekly themes are taught using fun, interactive, and engaging activities that are individualized to each child’s abilities and provide repetition that allows learners to practice skills multiple times throughout a session.

Sample of skills taught:

  • Requesting from peers & adults
  • Giving & receiving items from peers
  • Imitating peer play
  • Following group directions
  • Taking turns
  • Kindergarten readiness: attending, waiting, transitioning